Proud to announce we've earned Citrix Specialist Status
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Proud to Annouce We’ve Earned Citrix Specialist Status

October 23rd, 2015 by Andy Grover

Citrix-Specialist-Networking (1)BrightCloud is delighted that it has received Specialist Status for Citrix’s flagship networking technology, Netscaler, and now has Citrix Specialist Status in Networking for Data Centres. Citrix Specialisations are designed to recommend partners who have demonstrated technical competency and end-to-end service delivery of mobile workspace solutions to customers.

Brightcloud’s Specialist Status will mean our customers will benefit from specialist skills when utilising BrightCloud as a managed service provider for WAN Optimisation to accelerate applications and optimise remote access speed and security.

To achieve a Citrix Specialist Status, a Citrix Solution Advisor must demonstrate deep, hands-on experience and customer success by completing rigorous requirements. Citrix Specialists hold certifications in leading-edge training, they have passed a practicum exam and have received validation of their work through documented, successful customer implementations.

Specialisations represent stronger customer value and satisfaction derived from highly qualified partners that are best prepared to handle multiple aspects of complex, technical projects and deliver holistic solutions supplied by a single organisation.

With a Citrix Specialisation in Networking for Data Centres, BrightCloud has demonstrated the skills and ability needed to successfully plan, design, implement, manage and support holistic mobile workspace solutions that meet customers’ needs.

“Customers are looking for leaders in emerging technology areas including enterprise networking, mobility management and application delivery. They want assurances of competency through hands-on experience, references and best practices.”

“Our employees are proud of and choose to continue to build their deep skills and specialisations. This programme, and the other Citrix specialist programmes our teams follow, provide the opportunity to evidence our skills, expertise and experience.”

Andy Grover, Technical Director, BrightCloud

“Technology has become increasingly complex and diverse; to deliver the best solutions for end users, IT partners need to specialise. Organisations are avoiding generalists in favour of partners such as BrightCloud, which have in-depth technical expertise, to increase the likelihood of project success.”

Mark Beaumont, Head of Channel UK & Ireland, Citrix

Gaining Citrix Specialist Status is a big deal for BrightCloud, a company which is proud to describe itself as a team of visionaries who really care that IT users are happy.


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