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Hosted Servers, Desktops & Applications

Secure, Scalable, Responsive and Consistently Reliable Business Applications

Many businesses are using smart technology to drive user efficiency and the overall productivity of their organisation by keeping employees connected on the move. However the flexibility that mobility brings to the workforce reaps far greater rewards than just remote access, for many it also brings social and emotional benefits.

The work/life balance has seen a paradigm shift in the last decade, people want the ability to work flexible hours when they need to. Traditionally staying late in the office was the only option, but people now have the ability to travel home, spend time with family and finish their working day afterwards.

When deploying mobile desktops and applications your first consideration should be the user experience, as this ultimately drives performance and the overall productivity of your organisation.

The size of your budget or IT team should not limit the scale and reach of your business applications. You can save time and money by building a cost effective and highly scalable infrastructure using BrightCloud hosted servers.

In a nutshell we build a server to your specifications and then install an operating system for you. We then provide you with access to the virtualised components needed to build you own high performing IT platform, which we then maintain on your behalf. Our customers use our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for a range of activities, from developing smartphone apps through to scaling a website to support high demand. There is also the option to host your own software tools within highly secure, ring fenced test and development environments if you need to.

We even have several Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) using BrightCloud hosting to deliver their Software as a Service (SaaS) business model.

Hosted Applications and Hosted Desktops are essentially two sides of the same coin. At the backend everything is the same, the only difference is how your users connect. We provide them both on a monthly subscription basis, so you can easily increase or decrease the number of users from month to month.

Hosted Desktops

Hosted Desktops present a Windows desktop to the user and look and feel very similar to a real desktop. The only difference to the user is that they are on Windows Server instead of on say Windows 10, the applications work exactly the same.

Hosting your desktops removes the need for local back end infrastructure, dramatically reducing the upfront costs of providing the infrastructure to deliver applications and data to your users. Virtualising the desktop also means that it is now available on any device (including Windows and Android tablets, iPads and Macs) at any time.

Hosted Applications

A Hosted Application removes the “desktop” wrapper, so all the user sees is the icons for the applications they use. When the application starts it feels no different than if it was running locally on the device.

Virtualising your applications removes the need for your own backend infrastructure and our secure Application Hosting Platform (AHP) offers you a fast and simple way to move one or all of your applications into the cloud.

As part of the service we optimise your apps and guarantee application performance around the clock. Using the best delivery tools in the industry we ensure your users have access to your apps from both managed and un-managed devices.

Our Hosting

Our secure and scalable hosting is relied on by businesses, charities and public sector organisations across the UK. We offer a level of support and customer service that you’ll never get from a commodity cloud hosting giant. Depending on your requirements your servers, applications or desktops will be hosted in one of our three UK based data centres:


  • Tier 3 standard
  • 24/7 Security
  • ISO 27001
  • N+1 redundant power systems and power feeds up to 30Kw 3 phase per rack to ensure continuous power
  • N+2 cooling
  • VESDA fire detection and a FM200 suppression system

Milton Keynes

  • Tier 4 standard
  • 24/7 Security
  • ISO 27001
  • 3.5mVA power supply, reliable back-up sources and enough fuel onsite for 30 hours at full load
  • N+1 cooling
  • VESDA fire detection and a FM200 suppression system

Park Royal

  • Tier 3 standard
  • 24/7 Security
  • SSAE 16 / SOC2
  • N+2 redundant power systems with enough fuel onsite for multi-day autonomy
  • N+2 cooling
  • Double knock fire detection and FM200 suppression system
BrightCloud Data Centre Map

A Trusted Citrix Partner

If you need help deciding how best to deliver mobility one of our certified Citrix mobility experts can help you establish the best strategy for your business. We’ve been delivering mobility solutions to organisations of all sizes for over 15 years and hold Gold Citrix Partner status.

Citrix Partner Service Provider
Citrix Partner Gold Solution Advisor

Data Centre Availability

The availability difference between each tier might at first glance seem nominal, but in reality its very significant depending on the application.

Tier 1 – 99.671%

< 28.817 hours of downtime/year

Tier 2 – 99.741%

< 22.688 hours of downtime/year

Tier 3 – 99.982%

< 1.5768 hours of downtime/year

Tier 4 – 99.995%

< 0.438 hours of downtime/year

Customer Testimonials

“BrightCloud have proven to be exceptional hosts for the Trust’s system. BrightCloud are fully conversant with the software, which enables their support team to react very quickly to our service requests. In preparation for implementation, BrightCloud were able to setup the hosting environment for our servers very rapidly, enabling us to hit our project go-live dates. I have no hesitation in recommending BrightCloud as they are extremely efficient and a pleasure to work with.”

“Since we moved our server environment from our basement to one of BrightCloud’s data centres we have seen significant increases in performance, largely down to the simplicity we have now in our ability to change the way that we work.”


BrightCloud have proved to be exceptional hosts for the Trust’s system. BrightCloud are fully conversant with the software, which enables their suppo…



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