Cyber Security Behaviour Training

Reduce the likelihood that you will be impacted by Ransomware, financial fraud and data breaches.

Cyber Risk is a Human Risk

Cyber security threats continue to grow both in sophistication and quantity, and unfortunately most breaches originate from the actions of your users themselves. Around 90% of all cyber-attacks are the result of human error.

Overreliance on technology to prevent breaches is severely flawed; research has shown that spam and phishing filtering software only has a success rate of around 93%. Given the sheer quantity of phishing emails in circulation, a significant amount of phishing e-mails still end up in inboxes. Symantec research suggests that during 2020, one in every 4,200 emails was a phishing email.

There was a time when phishing emails were obvious, with bad grammar and formatting; but now they are contextualised, relevant, and well crafted. So much so that even the diligent among us are susceptible.

Once a threat actor is in possession of user credentials, they can swiftly move up the cyber-kill chain and achieve domain dominance; leading to a large scale ransomware attack, which can destroy a business, both in terms of operation and reputation.

However, it is important to understand there are always ways to determine the authenticity of a phishing email. By training your users to look out for malicious emails and links, you can reduce this important security risk.

Creating a Human Firewall

Cyber education addresses the human dimension by testing user awareness and then targeting users with relevant training. Our service includes the delivery of a series of phishing simulation campaigns that are designed to help increase user awareness of phishing emails, and boost confidence in reporting any that by-pass your technical defences.

Explore how BrightCloud helps you transform your staff into a human firewall, creating the strongest line of defence against cyber threats.

Phishing Simulation

The SaaS Phishing Simulation platform helps you train staff to identify and report phishing emails that bypass technical defences. You can schedule an unlimited number of simulated phishing tests to assess the level of susceptibility in your business. It includes a comprehensive and customisable library of hundreds of “known-to-work” phishing templates which are updated regularly to reflect current trends.

Key Features

  • Recreate any phishing attack including ransomware, BEC, wire fraud, and CEO fraud
  • Phishing tests with links, attachments and fake log-in pages
  • Simulate phishing attacks impersonating internal email addresses
  • Avoid users tipping each other off using burst mode which sends multiple templates in one campaign
  • Phishing tests that auto-enroll users in training
  • Identify repeat offenders, high-risk departments or locations
  • Detailed phishing results including industry benchmarks.

Cyber Knowledge Assessments

Conduct a staff knowledge gap analysis around key security and compliance best practices with the ability to create your own assessments or choose from our pre-supplied assessments that cover an array of security and compliance standards.

Key Features

  • Assess individuals’ level of understanding and risk within the organisation
  • Reduce business overheads by training higher risk staff members
  • Deliver focused training based on identified knowledge gaps
  • Prove staff increased competency with post-training knowledge assessments
  • Produce management and compliance reports

Security Awareness Training

Humans are far more vulnerable than technology, which is why cybercriminals are targeting your staff. However we can empower your staff to be your greatest security asset by creating a network of human sensors. Our security awareness training transforms your staff into a human firewall creating the strongest line of defence against cyber threats.

Key Features

  • Gamified, highly interactive and enjoyable security awareness training
  • Accessible via a web browser
  • SCORM compliant, LMS compatible
  • Never lasts more than 8 – 10 minutes
  • Useful at home and in the workplace
  • Shareable

Test the strength of your human firewall with a free phishing simulation.

Get a Free Cyber Behaviour Test

The free trial is limited depending on the size of your organisation, by user count and by the number of phishing attempts made. Results from free trails are anonymised. This trial will provide you with an understanding of the risks and scope of the training required.

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