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Data Protection

Enterprise-class data backup and recovery at an affordable price.

The growth of data within organisations is exponential, and data is now in more places than ever before as workforces become more mobile and adopt cloud applications to collaborate. A key task of any IT team is to keep on top of this and ensure that all of these pools of business data are backed up, securely stored and quickly recoverable.

There are many IT providers in the backup and disaster recovery market, but very few have the longevity and experience that you get from BrightCloud. Our services are built on rock solid hardware in secure UK data centres, and powered by the Asigra and Veeam software platforms. So if you want enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery without breaking the bank, you have come to the right place.

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We understand the Criticality of the move to the cloud and how vital data is to our customers, their customers and the world. Cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises, virtual and physical servers: our solutions Backup, replicate, and enable cloud mobility.

In partnership with Veeam and Asigra, our scalable backup services are priced for the SME market.  All your data is held in our secure UK data centres and recovery is available to you around the clock, every day of the year. If you need data recovered we upload it via your network or express courier it on electronic media to your business.

We also offer fully managed services that remove the risk and burden of having to manage or even think about backup.

BrightCloud Backup treats data residing in SaaS applications no different from on-premise data stored on servers, desktops and laptops in the enterprise. We save you time by doing away with the scripts, process documents, and methodologies that you may be using to protect data in cloud-based solutions. By using a standardised approach, you can configure and run backups using a simple and intuitive process.

Restoring data with BrightCloud Backup is equally straightforward. Through a series of simple mouse clicks, you can recover and restore data to its original location without uploading multiple files or importing multiple data elements.

Archiving data off primary storage is highly beneficial to any organisation with a large volume of data, or with lots of old data.

BrightCloud’s Archiving as a Service (AaaS) solution can save you money and increase the capacity of your production storage environment. With archive copies of your data on low-cost storage in three separate locations; on-premises, in the cloud, and another replicated copy held off-site, we also provide part of your disaster recovery/business continuity plan.

Your ability to recover systems and data quickly after a disaster could be the difference between your business surviving or not. Our cost-effective Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is designed to deliver peace of mind and protect your data and mission critical applications, whilst being highly cost-effective for the SME market.

We store a copy of your active servers, including all the data that they use, in one of our secure UK based cloud data centres. This copy can be synchronised to a point in time only a few hours ago.

If disaster strikes your systems are recovered into a private cloud infrastructure, which is reliable, available and secure. Unlike other providers there is no time limit on how long you remain in the hosted environment, leaving you to concentrate on getting your business back on track.

The reason our service is so cost-effective is that we only charge for the resources you need, when you need them, and for as long as you need them.

Why BrightCloud

  • ISO 27001 certified supplier
  • Your data is hosted in two highly secure Tier 3 data centres right here in the UK
  • Only pay for the data storage you use
  • UK based NOC and customer support
  • Recovery is available 24x7x365 with a 1 hour RTO as standard

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