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Technical Support

Supporting Your Business Growth

IT needs often peak and trough, which is why recruiting and then keeping an IT team properly trained is a luxury many business can’t afford. Most organisations therefore have a small IT team which is capable of looking after everyday issues, but is exposed during sickness and holidays, or when there is a problem outside of their capabilities.

This is why many SMEs find great strategic advantages in outsourcing some or all of their IT support requirements. Outsourcing gives you access to highly trained experts every day of the year, without the costs of hiring and retaining staff. It also means that your internal team can focus on more important strategic priorities, helping your business grow.

Our UK based support team are just as comfortable speaking in plain English as they are having complex technical discussions. This means they can either act as an extension of your IT team or replace it entirely. End-user support is provided via the BrightCloud Support Viewer, which enables our support specialists to securely connect to a user’s computer or laptop, wherever they are.

So whether you have no dedicated IT resource, or just need more capacity in your IT team, BrightCloud support liberates your people to focus on making your business better.

Our Managed Services Partnership removes stress and workload from your IT team. You can pass the management of your entire IT infrastructure and/or network, or even just a specific system or service over to us; reducing overheads whilst improving reliability and user satisfaction.

We’ll proactively monitor, manage, change and maintain the systems as a managed service, leaving you to concentrate on other important business requirements knowing that an accountable partner is looking after everything else.

Our staff are all trained to the same best practice standard, and bring specialist knowledge to your business. During the course of our engagement we make it our business to build an in-depth knowledge of your systems so that problems are resolved as quickly as possible. Our team is backed up by sophisticated tools for monitoring and capacity planning and we have regular reviews with our clients to suggest areas for improvement or investigation.

BrightCloud contracted support guarantees you the same SLA as our managed support service but with less sophisticated monitoring and without a proactive regular review. The responsibility for your systems stays with you but we take on key tasks such as upgrades and patch management. You can also escalate difficult problems to us; however the scope is limited to the technologies and assets included in your contract.

If you don’t want a support contract with us you can always use our Pay As You Go Support. You can purchase as many support tokens as you like and then redeem them when you have a problem. Tokens are valid for 12 months and each incident consumes one token. If an incident takes us over two hours to resolve an extra token is consumed for every additional hour of support needed to reach a resolution.

Consultancy Bank

We recommend that customers using either our Managed Services Partnership or Contracted Support add on a ‘Consultancy Bank’ to provide a number of consultancy days. These can then be used for major release upgrades, feature pack installations and any other change and transformational projects (such as new application roll-outs).

Customer Testimonials

“Whenever I have had the need to call BrightCloud my questions are immediately answered with no reason for call back. I find the staff very quick and efficient.”

“Thanks again for your hard work last night and throughout the duration of these issues, the Chromebook resolution has gone down very well today.”


BrightCloud have proved to be exceptional hosts for the Trust’s system. BrightCloud are fully conversant with the software, which enables their suppo…



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