Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Successfully protect your organisation by finding and remediating high risk vulnerabilities

Protecting Your Modern Attack Surface

Half of the most common vulnerabilities exploited by cyber-attacks to deliver malware are more than a year old. 60% of breaches occur because available patches for a known vulnerability are not known or applied. According to Gartner, “By 2022, organizations that use the risk-based vulnerability management method will suffer 80% fewer breaches.”

Legacy vulnerability assessment and management (VAM) tools are no match for today’s complex IT landscape. They fail to deliver a unified view of your attack surface, leaving blind spots in your network. In addition, they are limited to a theoretical view of the risks a vulnerability could potentially introduce, with no context to help you truly understand which ones pose the greatest risk to your organization. As a result, security and IT teams are buried with more work than they can handle, as they struggle to address all vulnerabilities that the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) classifies as “high” or “critical.” This lack of context causes your security team to waste time chasing after the wrong issues, while missing many of the most critical vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to your business.

Understand Your Risk and Know Which Vulnerabilities to Fix First

BrightCloud’s risk-based Vulnerability Assessment & Management focuses on the vulnerabilities and assets that matter most, while deprioritizing the vulnerabilities that attackers are unlikely to ever exploit.

This proactive, risk-driven approach delivers comprehensive, continuous visibility and informs technical and business decisions. This service will:

Assess all your assets for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations continuously

Measure the vulnerability’s risk to your business using threat intelligence and asset criticality

Predict which vulnerabilities present the most risk to your organization, and remediate them

Deliver risk-based information to business owners

Explore how BrightCloud helps you every step of the way.

Initial Scan

An initial scan across your entire estate will establish the current level of risk. Our discovery scan of your networks discovers assets (such as PCs, Servers, Switches, Firewalls, Routers, Printers etc.) which are then scanned for vulnerabilities. We generate a report of these findings and work with you to identify the risks you wish to eradicate. You get a report detailing the vulnerabilities that need addressing most urgently along with a scoped remediation plan.


Remediation will be completed to the level of risk you are comfortable with, and another report generated to show before and after.

Steady State

We now run continuous or periodic scans of your estate and any new vulnerabilities above your risk threshold will generate an alert which our security team will remediate. You will be provided with a monthly report detailing your current risk status.

Unless you are actively looking for and managing the inherent vulnerabilities in your IT systems you are open to attack. Get a free vulnerability assessment from BrightCloud to identify your current risk level.

Get a Free Vulnerability Assessment

The free assessment is limited to a two week trial on 20 devices. Typically this will highlight over 500 vulnerabilities and will certainly provide you with an understanding of the risks and scope of the remediation required.

Why BrightCloud?

BrightCloud is a IT managed services provider with over 20 years experience dealing with Mid Market and Enterprise customers. Many organisations struggle to find their security baseline, we believe that Cyber Essentials Plus provides that baseline. BrightCloud works with you to understand your security needs, conduct a gap analysis and help you on your journey to strong cyber resilience and CE+.

We work closely with our accredited partners to develop innovative technology strategies and produce the most effective results for our customers.