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Archiving as a Service

Archiving as a Service from BrightCloud

Efficient and cost-effective long-term data storage.

Managing Long-term Data Storage

Organisations are generating and storing more and more data every year, but they are also retaining it for long periods of time. This is putting pressure on IT Managers to constantly increase the capacity of their production storage systems in order to cope with the demand. Therefore being able to effectively manage data long-term is becoming increasingly important.

There isn’t always just one copy of the data either. Some organisations backup all of their data, regardless of how old it is and when it was last used! This is far from ideal, as long term storage of data in a backup system is much more costly than using an archiving solution.

Archiving as a Service from BrightCloud

Archiving data off primary storage is highly beneficial to any organisation with a large volume of data, or with lots of old data.

BrightCloud’s Archiving as a Service (AaaS) solution can save you money and increase the capacity of your production storage environment. With archive copies of your data on low-cost storage in three separate locations; on-premises, in the cloud, and another replicated copy held off-site, we also provide part of your disaster recovery/business continuity plan.

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Automatic Archiving

Advanced policy management monitors and automatically migrates less frequently used files

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Optimise Your Primary Storage

Increase capacity of your primary storage by archiving less frequently used data

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Files Remain Accessible

Archived files remain fully accessible across the network from their original local file systems

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Cost Effective

Reduce the costs of backups as only ‘new’ data needs to be protected and stored

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Highly Secure

Secure data transfer from on premise to the cloud

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Flexible Retention Dates

Set a policy to release files for managed or automatic deletion at the end of their lifecycle

An Industry Leading Platform

Our AaaS is built on an industry leading platform called Qstar, but the big difference is the BrightCloud people, culture and methodology combined with expertise and a solid 16-year track record of delivering world-class managed and cloud services.

Qstar was founded in the USA in 1987, so is well established in the market. From the outset the firm has focused exclusively on developing products and solutions to manage, store and archive enterprise level data.

Data Risk Self Assessment

Find out if your organisation’s critical data is at risk.

White Paper

The Business Value of a Comprehensive All-in-One Data Protection Solution for Your Organisation

BrightCloud Archiving Datasheet

Find out if your organisation can benefit from a data archiving solution.

Why BrightCloud

There are many IT providers in the backup market, but very few have the longevity and experience that you get from BrightCloud.

Over 16 years of success says a lot, and it’s all built on our people and a culture of constant improvement and innovation that ensures customers are happy with the service they receive.

Cost Effective Data Archiving for SMBs

Fix your data storage problem with BrightCloud Archiving as a Service.


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