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Do you Need to Backup Cloud Data?

August 1st, 2016 by Sam Cobley

Cloud_2 ThumbThe answer really comes down to how vital the data is that you’re storing.

Lots of people get confused in Cloud speak between data being highly available and highly backed up! Any cloud system worth its salt will replicate the data they store across multiple locations. This means they should be able to restore their systems relatively quickly in the event of a disaster. This means your data is highly available, but it doesn’t do much to protect you against data loss due to simple human error or sabotage.

If your files in the cloud get deleted can you be certain you will be able to recover them? Sometimes it is weeks, or even months before anybody realises that an important file has been overwritten or deleted.

Creating Your Own Backups

Creating a backup of your cloud data puts everything under your control and in your possession. This means you decide how often you backup your data, and how long you retain the backups for. That way you will still be able to restore lost data, even if the cloud system has deleted it for good.

What’s in the Cloud?

Lots of your business information could be stored in the cloud without you even realising it. If you use any of the following services you have data stored in the cloud:

So the answer to the question is quite simple; if you can’t afford to lose data held in the cloud, you should be creating a backup of it.

BrightCloud backup gives you the power to protect all your data stored in the cloud with ease. Pricing starts from as little as £150 per month.

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