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Focus Your IT Team on Strategic Growth

July 22nd, 2016 by Duncan Little

Chess ThumbShockingly over a quarter of IT leaders believe their IT team needs to be replaced in order to drive digital transformation and increase productivity because they lack the required skills. However unsurprisingly 71% of IT workers feel their skills and knowledge are not being fully used by their organisation.

We often find that IT teams really do want to develop their skills and bring more value to the business. The potential benefit of moving experienced IT workers from mundane infrastructure support into a more strategic and business optimising role are fantastic. Luckily more organisations are starting to recognise this.

BrightCloud is an ideal partner to provide both managed and infrastructure services so you can give your IT team the freedom they need to develop. Moving to outsourced support is also a great opportunity to right-size your infrastructure and reduce costs.

So choose BrightCloud as your cloud services partner and re-engage your IT team to truly help drive your business forward. It’s a win for not just your IT team, but also your users and the organisation as a whole – happy users drive better business.


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