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How to Fix Your IT Skills Drought

May 9th, 2017 by Duncan Little

Drought ThumbThe demand for digital expertise and IT skills is increasing, and I predict that SME businesses will find it increasingly hard to maintain their own staff, with the correct level of competence.

Even now many organisations considering how to adopt mobile and cloud-based IT solutions need to bring in additional expertise, but for many actually hiring and retaining people with the rights skills and knowledge simply isn’t a battle worth fighting.

As the National Audit office tell us that government needs to recruit an extra 2,000 IT professionals at an estimated cost of £725 million, smaller businesses must be left wondering how they are going to cope.

The answer for the majority of SMEs will be leveraging trusted external IT partners to help them drive digital transformation. Since starting BrightCloud I’ve spoken to many businesses that simply wouldn’t have coped without external IT consultancy and support.

By providing leading IT services to small and medium-sized businesses that could otherwise not afford them, BrightCloud allows them to punch well above their weight (in IT terms) and get the competitive advantage they need to survive. It’s like taking a large IT service provider and cramming it into a much smaller business that delivers excellent IT services at an SME price.

Medium sized businesses need to outsource at least some of their IT services and need a trusted friend that cares and is prepared to be accountable – a trusted partner.

Drop me a line if you would like to discuss what parts of your IT are most suitable for outsourcing, or if you need some help on a one-off project.


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