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Is Your Backup GDPR Compliant?

April 11th, 2017 by Sam Cobley

GDPR Backup ThumbWith GDPR on the horizon, companies are under extreme pressure to keep an inventory of the data they handle – both in-flight and at-rest to ensure that customer and employee personal data is protected.

Businesses also need to take a much stricter approach when dealing with MSP’s as they need to ensure that potential contractors handle data privacy and cyber security in a way that is compliant to the new regulations. As an organisation, do your due diligence and question their data handling practices, how they store data, who has access, their encryption policies – essentially anything relevant to how unstructured data is handled and processed.

Better Backup from BrightCloud

Our comprehensive backup, recovery and archiving solution gives you the stability and control you need to meet the GDPR requirements.

Here’s how BrightCloud Backup can guarantee you remain compliant:

Meet Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance Mandates

Our backup uses NIST FIPS 140-2 validated encryption for all back up data to adhere to specific retention periods.

Remotely Wipe Data and Schedule Periodic Cleansing with Selective Data Destruction

Wipe any outdated data from unauthorised locations from any endpoint device to comply with mandates and adhere to requests from data subjects to quickly locate their personal and contact information if they wish to be removed.

Eliminate Data Breaches

Ensure data remains safe, anywhere, at any time and on any endpoint device.

Easily Recover Data

Recover any data, anywhere, and at any point in time to be able to recover business critical data for any regulatory compliances.


Data is encrypted in-flight and at rest.

Geo-locate Devices with Your Data

Obtain visibility into data anywhere and on any endpoint device to be able to identify and report on locations and sensitive data information.


Our agentless technology protects and supports all files, databases, email systems, mailboxes, and operating systems with unlimited storage and petabytes.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about how BrightCloud Backup powered by Asigra can help you comply with GDPR download Regulations and IT Compliance Requirements, or contact us.


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