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BYOD – Making Your Employees More Productive

November 16th, 2012 by BrightCloud

BYOD ThumbSmartphones, laptops, tablets, netbooks and even personal desktops enable mobility and new ways of working.

When allowed to bring their own device into the workplace, employees enjoy increased mobility, higher job satisfaction, and improvements in efficiency and productivity.

The early corporate IT response to BYOD wavered between denial and refusal. However, consumer devices are inexorably entering the workplace and organisations must now consider policies that support their use.

Don’t spend money on managing/controlling mobile devices, instead deliver corporate data and applications to mobile devices securely. Citrix believes Mobile Device Management is dead and encourage companies to embrace BYOD in the confidence that you have total control over the corporate data and applications used on those devices

Make your employees as productive on the go as they are in the office

Citrix CloudGateway2 is an enterprise mobility management solution that securely delivers mobile, Web and Windows® apps and data to any device, including BYO devices. CloudGateway delivers enterprise mobility by providing employees access to all of their business apps and data while offering IT complete control over their business. It empowers users with a self-service enterprise app store that provides access to business apps and data, and it simplifies IT with identity-based provisioning and control for all apps, data and devices, including employee-owned devices.

CloudGateway supports today’s mobility objectives by:


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