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BrightCloud Expands its NHS Capabilities

October 12th, 2012 by BrightCloud

doctor with ipadBrightCloud have launched a range of services that include:

On Demand hosting within the NHS

BrightCloud makes it easy with its Application Hosting Programme to host and deliver one or all applications into a cloud computing model.

When there is a need for flexibility to change the way applications are hosted, either for new applications, expanding or upgrading existing applications and services, BrightCloud offer a  hosting infrastructure which delivers this flexibility,  is securely connected to N3 and helps to; keep costs down, deliver new services and applications fast, speed up existing application delivery, protect data and users.

Utilising the N3 Network for NHS Mobile Workers

BrightCloud’s secure Internet access allows users to access work environments via a secure trusted link confidently and securely from any trusted remote device.

Providing a platform for Internet based remote access to the systems hosted on the NHS Trust’s own site. Access is provided from the Internet via the BrightCloud security platform to the Trust based application server over the N3 network.

There is no extra software, equipment or configuration for Trusts to provide.

N3 Computer Recovery on Demand – Disaster Recovery for IT

BrightCloud provide cost effective Disaster Recovery for IT as a service (DRaaS) which gives peace of mind and saves money by protecting mission critical applications and data from disaster.

Applications can be quickly restored for users either over the N3 network or to mobile users available over secure Internet connections, recreating data back to the most recent recovery point, saving time and money if disaster strikes


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BrightCloud have proved to be exceptional hosts for the Trust’s system. BrightCloud are fully conversant with the software, which enables their suppo…



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