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Office 365 Optimisation

Office 365 Optimisation

Maximising User Experience and Employee Efficiency.

It’s All About The Experience

Once you have successfully migrated to Office 365 your expected productivity improvements and seamless collaboration won’t be realised unless your users get the application experience they expect.

As your adoption of Office 365 grows and more people start to use voice, video and file sharing features, the overall user experience will decrease and throwing bandwidth at the problem is not the solution. Clever use of software-defined networking and optimisation technologies enable you guarantee user experience without the growing costs of unnecessary bandwidth.

WAN Optimisation

Our WAN optimisation service improves application performance and delivers cost savings by reducing the bandwidth used by your data centre’s and cloud applications. To do this we deploy industry leading technology across your WAN to pinpoint the bottlenecks and network issues which are causing poor performance. After providing you with a report showing the issues we then implement changes which improve your WAN performance by caching, shaping and accelerating the critical traffic.

How We Do It

We use a leading network Quality of Service (QoS) solution that is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide, including many of the Fortune 500 companies. It can identify and classify Office 365 applications, operations and traffic flows. We can then deploy simple and effective policies to protect, prioritise or restrain traffic by application,  user or flow on your internet access link to ensure network bandwidth is properly allocated based on your business priorities.

Office 365 PacketShaper

Separate and Categorise

We identify business critical traffic, such as Office 365, via the on-board application classification engine. Your Office 365 applications, services and flows are grouped into an Office 365 Class Tree, making it easy for our team to apply QoS policies and effectively manage the performance of your Office 365 related traffic.

Apply QoS Policies

We ensure Office 365 traffic has guaranteed bandwidth and prioritisation over lower priority traffic in your network.

Monitor Network Performance and Bandwidth Efficiency

We leverage the real-time dashboard to identify issues and make necessary adjustments, as needed, to deliver an optimal user experience.

Solution Brief

Optimising the Office 365 Experience with PacketShaper

White Paper

Ensure VoIP and Skype for Business Call Quality and Reliability with NetScaler SD-WAN

Managed PacketShaper Flyer

Symantec PacketShaper managed service from BrightCloud

Secure One Services Partner

We’ve got a long history of working with packet shaping and bandwidth management tools and have amassed considerable expertise in PacketShaper and MACH 5. As a Secure One Services Partner we’ve met a set of stringent support readiness and training requirements, including Symantec accreditation.

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