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G Suite Backup

G Suite Backup

Reclaim control of your business data.

Could you recover your G Suite data?

Although Google performs its own backups to ensure that your data is kept available at all times, they are not responsible for helping you retrieve deleted, edited, or corrupted information. How would you restore a deleted, corrupted or an incorrectly edited file? How do you go back to a previous point-in-time copy? What happens when an employee leaves and you delete their account, do you still have access to your intellectual property?

BrightCloud Backup gives you the ability to protect your G Suite data just like any other enterprise data within your IT environment. It’s time to reclaim control of your data.

Complete Protection

Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides






With BrightCloud Backup you can easily backup and restore all your important business information in G Suite, including Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Drive, and Sites. Using a simple web interface you can automate and schedule the backup activities for your G Suite data, select the number of generations of information you would like to protect, set retention rules and even decide different backup frequencies for different sets of data.


Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment

Mass deploy backup configurations to hundreds of G Suite 365 users at once ensuring consistent protection across departments with minimal configuration effort.

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Cost Effective

You are only charged for de-duplicated and compressed data, plus you save on reduced admin time.

Flexible RTO

Flexible Recovery

Choose the backup frequency that best meets your business needs – hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. You can also choose to backup different sets of data at varying intervals.



Configure automated email alerts and notifications and monitor your backups through a web-based management console.



With no limitations on the data size or the number of mailboxes, BrightCloud Backup can easily scale to meet your future needs.

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Highly Secure

All your data is encrypted to the highest standards available and de-duplicated before it is removed from site.

Granular Restores

Granular Restores

Perform a granular item level restore of a single email including attachments and the metadata, or a complete mailbox. Locate specific items and restore any or all of them. Restore files directly to back to a user’s account.

Recovery Drills

Run Recovery Drills

Schedule and run recovery drills of your data as often as you like.

Why BrightCloud

There are many IT providers in the backup market, but very few have the longevity and experience that you get from BrightCloud.

Over 16 years of success says a lot, and it’s all built on our people and a culture of constant improvement and innovation that ensures customers are happy with the service they receive.

Business Backup for G Suite

Fix your data protection risks and upgrade to BrightCloud Backup. Call us today on 0370 770 9722.


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