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Reasearch Shows IT Leaders Re Assess Focus in 3 Key Areas

July 22nd, 2011 by BrightCloud

Darts ThumbIT and operations executives are facing unparalleled rates of change. Cloud is threatening to erode traditional datacentre boundaries. Likewise, consumerisation and the rise of the empowered employee are threatening to erode desktop and device boundaries. As a result, today’s IT departments need to re-assess their strategies. This is not about incremental improvement, though.

This is about rebooting the strategy to meet dramatically altered business requirements.

Forrester analysed 2,033 client inquiries on IT and operations in 2010. The research found IT leaders are focused on three key areas.

  1. Improving user experience with desktop transformation using new PC architectures and mobile devices, client virtualisation and unified communications. (38%)
  2. Delivering cloud economics in the datacentre with converged infrastructure and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). (35%)
  3. Finding information about their IT operations through performance monitoring, automation and adopting IT infrastructure library (ITIL). (27%)

If you’re already implementing or planning for these reboot initiatives, congratulations – your business will be appreciative. If not, then re-assess your efforts. The business may proceed with or without you.

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