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Open Reality and BrightCloud to Back SeeAbility Week for Second Year

September 13th, 2017 by Duncan Little

What if you had a problem with your vision but because of your other disabilities you couldn’t ask for help?

Sadly this is the situation for thousands of children and adults across the UK. It makes their life so much harder than it needs to be, and puts them at a greater risk of irreversible sight loss. Vision – the thing we take for granted everyday – makes a massive positive impact on their lives.

Open Reality and BrightCloud are long-time supporters of UK charity SeeAbility that is working to create a better life for disabled people. For the second year running we are sponsoring and participating in SeeAbility Week.

What is See Ability Week?

See Ability week is designed to promote good eye health in the workplace, an important issue for employees who experience an increasing amount of screen time and related eye problems, and to raise much needed funds to support their life-changing work.

When is it?

SeeAbility Week is on the 9th – 15th October 2017, encompassing World Sight Day on the 12th October – an international awareness day focussing on visual impairment and preventing avoidable sight loss.

What can you do?

1. Learn how to care for your eyes
Find out more about the impact of too much screen time and how to help your employees look after their eyes at work.

2. Get social
Donate £2 to wear your favourite glasses or sunglasses to work and raise awareness by posting a glasses selfie at hashtag #GetYourGlassesOn.

3. Get fundraising
Last year we had a massive cake sale for our staff and other businesses on the park – plus we had great fun with some vision related games. However it’s completely open to your imagination – and anything makes a difference.

For fundraising ideas and eye health information visit our SeeAbility Week Webpage.

Just £85 could pay for a specialist sight test for a child with learning disabilities in a special school that could transform their life or even stop them from losing their site. Please take four minutes to see for yourself the incredible impact of SeeAbility’s amazing work at

I really hope your business will be able to take part in SeeAbility Week. If you’d like more information, please do contact us at


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