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Are you Office 365 Ready?

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Don’t Charge In

So, you’re planning to roll out Office 365? We don’t blame you as a study conducted by Forrester Consulting that analysed the total economic impact of Office 365 on midsize businesses, found that Office 365 delivers a staggering ROI of 321% with a payback period of just two months for the composite mid size organisation. Now that’s value!

But before you make the move, you need to be sure that your network infrastructure can support the move to the public cloud.

Office 365 Readiness Assessment

Our Readiness Assessment gives you independent advice and will help you identify any areas of your network infrastructure which cause a risk to the performance of your new Office 365 services. We can even demonstrate which existing applications are cloud-ready and which are not.

You get a comprehensive report on our findings that highlights any areas needing attention, before you push the button and start the migration.

What's Included

If you have specific areas of concern we’ll tailor the assessment to suit you, but our standard checklist includes:

  • Monitor Internet Bandwidth
  • Check Switches, Routers & Wireless Access Points
  • Capture & Assess LAN traffic
  • Stress Test WAN links
  • Active Directory (AD) Health Check
  • Monitor application performance & response times
  • Locate network errors
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Get an Example Readiness Report

    Already Using Office 365?

    If you are already using Office 365 and have a problem we can conduct an investigation and provide a report that diagnoses the issues and recommends a solution. We can even solve the problem on a ‘no resolution – no payment’ basis.


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