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Hybrid Cloud Brokers


You can quickly and significantly reduce the cost and complexity of delivering IT to your users by using the wide range of public cloud services for most applications and services, opting for private cloud where need demands.

Public cloud services are usually more cost effective and scalable than private clouds. The choice of services is huge and growing with large global providers including Microsoft, Amazon and Google dominating public cloud. To integrate these global cloud services effectively into your local network requires expertise and experience to guarantee success.

BrightCloud partners with you to ensure a smooth transition. As your Cloud Broker, we ensure that all new cloud services selected by you cause no disruption to your existing services and you have 100% confidence that your data and mission critical applications can be accessed at all times.

Choose BrightCloud as your hybrid cloud broker to provide you with options, scalability, cost efficiencies, high security and flexibility.

Microsoft Office 365

Work anywhere, anytime, on any device. Office 365 is ready when you are and BrightCloud are here to help you get the most from it. Office365 is the Microsoft cloud service for email (Exchange), documents (SharePoint), collaboration (Skype for Business) and of course, the familiar Office software, delivered across a range of devices. We’ll help you plan, deploy and manage your Office365 rollout. If you are a Charity or Education customer – then Office365 is FREE.

BrightCloud’s will help you plan, deploy and manage your Office365 rollout – including the migration of email from Exchange or documents from your network into SharePoint online.

Microsoft Azure

Putting your servers in the cloud can be a big step and can be complex, so let BrightCloud help you get it right.

Microsoft’s Azure is the only major cloud platform ranked by Gartner as an industry leader for both IaaS and PaaS. It is also hybrid ready, giving you the best of both worlds. Azure has a powerful combination of integrated managed and unmanaged services, making it easy for you to build and deploy apps on premise and in the cloud.

It also integrates really well into existing Microsoft based networks so you move virtual-machines back and forth between your own servers, the BrightCloud data-centre and the Microsoft public cloud.

Data storage, backup and recovery are also more efficient and economical so you get unbeatable price for performance. The entire service is delivered on a scalable pay-for-use model.

Email Filtering & Archiving

Email is an organisation’s single most important memory repository. Email transports and stores contracts, orders and commitments.

Mimecast is a leader in enterprise cloud services for the security, archiving and management of email and corporate data. These email security and archiving services are built on a world-leading secure platform and are optimised for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

BrightCloud chose Mimecast as its email services partner after many months of testing and comparing the market. We chose Mimecast because it’s the best. BrightCloud is a Mimecast authorised reseller and can help you set up and use the service with either your own email servers or Office365.

Web Filtering (antivirus and malware protection)

Unprotected access to the web is one of the biggest threats you will face this decade. BrightCloud chose BlueCoat’s global threat protection network service – WebPulse – as our preferred web protection service. Based on the information gathered from 75 million users this services is the only one we have found that protects effectively against all attacks including zero-day.

For your on premise protection BrightCloud can provide a BlueCoat managed appliance (Proxy SG). BrightCloud is one of the few BlueCoat Technical Support Partners in the world and offers customers some of the very best and most effective web security services available today.

Protect and enhance Office 365: Increasingly, we are being asked by customers to support their moves to Microsoft Office 365. Security advantages with BlueCoat consist of policy compliance, certificate status verification, application controls, logging, malware scanning, data loss prevention and reverse proxy security for hybrid deployments.

Online Backup

Backup is not optional. It is essential, but the market can be confusing and too many SMEs make ill-informed decisions. This leaves your vital business intelligence vulnerable and leaves the business at risk of failing to meet data protection and regulatory standards, as well as potential financial and reputation loss.

BrightCloud chose KeepItSafe as its online backup partner. These online backup services remove all risks and the burden of having to managing or even think about backup. They also guarantee complete business continuity should disaster including theft, fire and flood strike your business, directly or indirectly.

All your data is securely held in a private-cloud, hosted in our privately owned, UK only datacentres. Data recovery is available to you 24x7x365, giving you the confidence that you and your staff can keep working even if the business premises cannot be entered. Backed up data can be uploaded via your network or express couriered on electronic media to your business, wherever it is in the UK.

Our online data backup service is priced for the SME market but is also scalable, providing a compelling and affordable proposition for any type or size of business.

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Print Management

Managed print services can help you reduce and take control of all of your print, copy, scanning and fax costs by up to 30% – freeing up time for you to focus on more business critical matters.

BrightCloud will oversee equipment purchasing and finance, installation and training, paper and toner supplies and ongoing service. Xerox’s constant drive for efficiencies for customers has helped large enterprises identify waste and reduce costs in their print environments. BrightCloud offer the same expertise in managed print services to small and medium businesses.


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