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Gartner: Prepare for Hybrid Cloud Pain

August 24th, 2012 by BrightCloud

Cloud Pain ThumbHybrid clouds, where businesses integrate public and private cloud applications, are almost at the top of Gartner’s eponymous hype cycle.

According to Gartner, hybrid clouds offer the best possible economic model and maximum agility for businesses wishing to balance the IT resources they use via a public cloud, with those that must be retained in a private cloud running on computers hosted within the company’s own data centre. Gartner believes the private cloud also sets the stage for new ways for enterprises to work with suppliers and partners (B2B) and customers.

But given the hype surrounding hybrid clouds, companies are likely to experience a huge amount of pain – in terms of procurement, implementation and deployment of such IT architectures.

BrightCloud believes that SME’s are struggling to find the right Cloud vendors. There are very few that provide the SLA, security and reliability to properly handle businesses’ mission critical applications. Commodity cloud vendors providing PAYGo servers are not up to the job of hosting and optimising mission critical applications; they lack the time, tools and finesse.

SME’s that want to trust their business applications to a service provider need a cloud partner to deliver high performing applications that are secure, highly available and optimised in order to get the best out of them.

“Business people in the UK are much more sceptical of industry hype than in the USA and generally know when they are being sold something that isn’t quite what it pretends to be. We don’t believe in hype, but that doesn’t mean that all cloud is hype. Start a discussion with us, focused on your business needs, not on Cloud, and see where it goes.”

Duncan Little, BrightCloud Managing Director


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