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Research across thousands of real customers has found that 89% of businesses do not track or monitor their Microsoft 365 usage. This means that they don’t know what applications their users are actually using, and are potentially wasting money on expensive licences that they don’t need.

Our FREE Microsoft approved health check will give you a clear benchmark, and show you exactly where you stand with your usage. We’ll even offer you free advice on how to achieve smarter usage and save money.

Health Check Benefits

  • Fully automatic reporting and analysis
  • View individual software usage to date
  • Identify licences that can be downgraded and save money
  • Identify inactive licences that can be reharvested
  • Ensure you are compliant with Microsoft licencing agreements
  • Free analysis and advice

Are you ready to maximise your Microsoft 365 investment? Get your free benchmark report to see how you can improve your efficiency score and save money.

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