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Claim a Free LAN Discovery Report

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Claim your free LAN Discovery Report and find out how much data you have, where it is, and when it was last accessed.

This report is a great tool to ascertain if the use of your primary storage can be better utilised, and if new backup and archiving solutions could make a real cost saving.

How do we do it?

We install a small client onto a virtual or physical machine. We’ll then identify the data volumes that we are looking to assess and configure the client accordingly. We leave the client to run for 2 weeks as this enables us to form a more accurate and consistent picture of your data landscape. We will then use the information gathered by the client to create a report summarising our findings. Finally we agree a time for us to call you and review the report findings and any recommendations we may have made.

Report Contents

  • The amount of data you have
  • Where your data is
  • Your top 10 file types
  • How recently your data has been accessed
  • Number of duplicate files and volumes
  • Our recommendations

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    Terms and Conditions

    To be eligible for a free LAN Discovery Report, you must:

    • Provide a valid company name, company email address and direct dial telephone number.
    • Be a full-time IT professional working in the UK.
    • Have an active role in managing, maintaining, or monitoring your organisation’s network infrastructure, and be employed by the company.
    • Confirm satisfaction of eligibility requirements with a BrightCloud representative by phone.


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