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Does A Rude Awakening Lie In Wait For Cloud Users?

January 24th, 2012 by BrightCloud

Sleeping ThumbThe majority of hosted cloud providers boast a 99.9% up time which sounds great when you first hear it, but this actually means is that there are 3 days in every year when you could be without a service.  Now that doesn’t sound so good does it? It’s also unlikely this down time will only happen on non-payroll or other non-critical days.

Take the recent RIM Blackberry server outage and the Amazon Cloud down time. Do you really know what service level you have signed up for? Ultimately you rent a parcel of space in a massive data centre which is being sold as a commodity. Cloud consumers will have a rude awakening when their applications don’t work as well as they want them to.

There will find there is no support options or sophisticated tools to monitor and improve performance. You may not have known about or examined these pros and cons before committing yourself. This article explains some of the important pluses and minuses associated with commodity cloud hosting.

There are currently two major paths for cloud computing providers with commodity and private clouds along with the growing hybrid cloud which is an environment in which an organisation provides and manages some resources in-house and has others provided externally. Ultimately, commodity clouds will be probably forced (via pricing pressure) to continue to drive down capital expenses and operating costs. In contrast, premium enterprise clouds will necessarily spend more on their infrastructure to provide advanced features like high availability. Their pricing will reflect this.

This point needs to be considered very carefully.

So that’s that. There’s the actual pluses and minuses of It certainly is not suitable for all of us, nonetheless it certainly is great opportunity for some. You should take into account the info presented to make your own personal choice, for or against. The info presented should certainly assist you to be well ready to make the best decision.


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