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Cloud Hosting Expands in Milton Keynes

January 26th, 2012 by BrightCloud

Bright Cloud Opens Third Data Centre in Milton Keynes.

In this third phase of expansion for Bright Cloud has continued investments with Hewlett-Packard servers, Hitachi data Systems storage, and with Cisco switching believe to have picked the very best hardware platform to build the Bright Cloud services on.

All customers in the structure is delivered using VMware and Citrix technologies to virtualise and deliver applications.

This third expansion supports the growth that we have experienced in cloud delivered applications since 2005.

Bright Cloud are the UK’s leading provider of quality IT services for SMEs.

We help companies utilise the latest available information technology to improve the efficiency, security and cost effectiveness of their business.

This is done by taking a unique approach to managing data and optimising network traffic. Data is hosted and backed up data on the most robust and secure data centres which reduces the need to own hardware and software.

BrightCloud takes away the burden of IT uncertainty and allows companies to focus on their business.


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