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The Citrix Workspace app will revolutionise how we all work

May 17th, 2018 by Andy Grover

One of the most exciting developments to come out of Citrix Synergy 2018 was the announcement of the Citrix Workspace app.

It promises to increase user productivity by bringing together all your apps, content and devices into one place – whether they are located on premise or in the cloud. It’s basically like taking all the functionality of Citrix Receiver, Citrix ShareFile, Unified Gateway type single-sign-on, contextual access, and a containerized browser and putting them into one neat package.

Whilst this isn’t necessarily ground-breaking it will make life for end users much easier because everything is in one place and will work together seamlessly.

Key features of the Citrix Workspace App include:

  • Everything you need at your fingertips

A one-stop shop where users can access their favourite Windows, Linux, mobile, SaaS, web apps, desktops and files instantly. It provides a consistent user experience where any app, desktop or file is ready to go with just a click on any device.

  • Global Search

Smart features like a global search box allows users to launch apps or find files quickly.

  • Instant and seamless access to all files

Centralised access to all files —OneDrive for Business, ShareFile, EMC Systems and more.

  • Open files with one click

Just click on a file and it automatically loads within the workspace, keeping the user productive even when the necessary application for the file isn’t locally installed.

  • On-board new employees in a few easy steps

Users just need to download the Citrix Workspace app onto their device, sign in and they are ready to go.

  • Federated access to any app

Seamless and secure access, through single sign-on, to all the apps users need to stay productive while IT maintain control, strengthen auditing, and promote corporate security.

  • Visibility and control of SaaS applications

Instantly launch SaaS apps in an embedded, cloud-based virtual browser completely isolated from the corporate network with zero configuration required on the endpoint.

  • User behaviour, not user restriction, enables IT security

Citrix Workspace app leverages user behaviour analytics to develop a unique profile of each user and their typical workspace activities, devices and access points. If their behaviour changes radically then Citrix Workspace app will sound the alarm and warn IT of a potential threat.

  • Protection against web security risks

Citrix Workspace app automatically redirects select internet browsing tasks to a cloud-hosted web browser, completely isolated from the corporate network. So users can securely browse without exposing the network to malicious attacks.

  • Citrix Analytics

Citrix Analytics will allow you to proactively manage user and application security threats, improve application performance and support continuous operations using actionable insights collected across Citrix offerings.

To watch a demo of the new Citrix Workspace app in action click on the video below.

There is no official release date yet but Citrix have stated that everything shown during the Keynote will be generally available within 90 days. We can’t wait!


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