Premium Security as a Service Solutions 

Protect your business’ hybrid work environment with Secure Access from Citrix, delivered and managed by BrightCloud. 

Citrix Secure Access Solutions

The new era of hybrid work has ushered in a range of new security risks. Traditional, appliance-based security architectures are quickly becoming obsolete as more businesses begin to work from the Cloud. Citrix’s stack of Secure Access solutions helps to modernise your workforce and tackle current threats by delivering zero trust solutions via the Cloud.

Explore how Citrix helps to secure every element of your business.

Citrix Secure Private Access

Citrix Secure Private Access keeps your sanctioned applications secure with zero trust network access. Private Access allows you to implement a BYO device program with adaptive access policies and browser isolation to safely secure access from unmanaged, personal devices. Not only can you implement single-sign on across virtual, SaaS and web apps, but you can apply adaptive multi-factor authentication.

Citrix Secure Internet Access

Citrix Secure Internet Access uses intelligent, cloud-delivered security to allow users to access applications securely via direct internet access (DIA). Gain the comprehensive protection of datacentre-based security, with the simplicity and scale of a single solution. Citrix delivers secure access you can rely on, without compromising user performance.

Citrix Web App and API Protection

Gain simple and holistic protection for your web apps and APIs with Citrix. Citrix offers layered protection against known and zero-day threats. Citrix’s cloud service keeps all types of applications completely secure using a web app firewall, bot management and DDoS protection. Citrix Web App and API Protection is simple and efficient to deploy across a multi-cloud environment and helps your business to maintain compliance and governance.

Citrix Analytics for Security

Citrix Analytics for Security utilises innovative machine learning and AI to proactively and consistently evaluate, detect and protect against threats. Based on real-time events, each individual user is given a risk profile and score. Citrix monitors for threats and risks, and proactively prevents unauthorised access when an anomaly is detected. Citrix bases their analytics on individual behaviour, helping your entire company to remain secure and productive.

Tighten security with Secure Access Solutions from Citrix

BrightCloud deliver comprehensive Security as a Service using the premium solutions developed by Citrix, to help minimise key pain points within your business.

Simplify and secure access

Citrix offer a single portal for all work apps to improve the user experience. This minimises the number of areas that can be compromised in your IT system.

Granular security controls

Citrix offers controls that enforce security policies after a successful user login that work on both web and SaaS apps, further protecting your business from web threats.

Single sign-on


Citrix offers true single sign-on capabilities across applications. Contextual multi-factor authentication protect against the most common cyber-attacks.

Protect data and devices from cyber criminals

Citrix defends against keylogging to prevent cyber criminals tracking user actions and collecting data illicitly, with anti-screenshot software protecting your confidential corporate information too.

Protect users from web-based threats

Prevent users from accessing unauthorised or risky websites and redirect employee browsing to a more secure, cloud-based browser, minimising the risk of infecting your entire network.

Continuous monitoring with risk prevention

Citrix’s Secure Access solutions provide a holistic view of apps, data, networks and devices, with continuous monitoring and individual risk assessments helping to proactively avoid cyber threats.

Citrix Secure Internet Access  

Citrix Secure Internet Access plays a major role in your journey to Zero Trust. There are many benefits of protecting your business’ internet connection. 

Unified management

Citrix SIA offers a holistic view of security capabilities and granular controls on a single platform. Easily view and analyse your security posture analytics. 


Citrix SIA has fast, simple deployment, with automated configuration, high performance, scalable, single-pass architecture and reduced latency. 

Reliable performance

Automated updates provide the latest protection against security threats, the single unified view offers faster troubleshooting and backup links deliver dual resiliency. 


Citrix SIA ensures GDPR compliance: each customer’s data is processed through separate gateways, segregated by enterprise, locally inspected and logged. 

Enhanced remote working 

Citrix SIA moves network security to the Cloud, bringing it closer to the user and making the remote working experience safer. 

Network resiliency 

Citrix SD-WAN integrates with Citrix SIA to overcome internet connectivity issues and provide secure internet access for remote and hybrid workers with WiFi and LTE enabled devices 

Why BrightCloud?

BrightCloud have been hosting cloud services and providing innovative technology solutions since 2000. We are one of the original inventors of cloud hosted applications and take pride in delivering premium services that deliver performance improvements, productivity boosts and cost-savings. Our experience with cloud technologies makes us the perfect partner to deliver Citrix’s premium Secure Access Solutions to your business. 

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