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New Citrix Mouse Makes Apple Devices True Portable Workstations

March 2nd, 2015 by Duncan Little

Duncan Citrix X1 MouseThe prototype Citrix X1 mouse gets a firm thumbs up

I’ve been trialling the prototype Citrix X1 mouse which according to Citrix “…puts your workspace in your pocket.” And it does. It’s the first (and so far only) mouse that works with an iPad or iPhone and as the perfect companion to the Citrix Receiver client. I rely heavily on these devices when visiting customers and vendors, and even in the office where we operate a BYOD policy.

What’s so great?

The key benefit is being able to use the full functionality of Windows-based software without the hit-or-miss clumsiness of using my finger as a rather lumpen, external mouse click. Coupled with a Bluetooth keyboard, the Citrix set-up gives you access to your files, documents and Windows programs and the ability to work professionally without the need to carry a laptop.

The Citrix X1 mouse is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” technical developments. In its prototype form it’s not earth shattering in design, but in terms of supporting true workspace mobility, it’s truly cutting edge.

Whilst all will benefit from increased productivity I can see real opportunities for people who work in the field and in less laptop-accommodating situations.

CitrixMouse ThumbWhen can I get one?

We’re still waiting to hear when the mass market launch date is, but once all the feedback from the trial is in and the commercial product is perfected I can’t see these taking long to hit the shelves.


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