Optimise your Azure Virtual Desktop environment with Citrix

Streamline management, enhance user efficiency and reduce infrastructure costs by leveraging AVD through Citrix

What is the benefit of using AVD and Citrix together?

Citrix Azure Virtual Desktop combines the innovative remote working potential of Microsoft’s Desktop as a Service with over thirty years of productivity-boosting solutions from Citrix.

When you leverage Azure Virtual Desktop via Citrix, you retain the productivity, flexibility and licencing benefits of AVD, but Citrix takes over some of the native controls. Specifically, instead of using the integrated management and protocol features of AVD, you use Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD).

Due to Citrix’s high level of experience developing cloud and virtualisation technology, CVAD can support more demanding business needs.

The business benefits of Citrix Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop is a powerful and flexible remote working tool, but without the correct management you could be losing productivity potential, overlooking security opportunities and racking up unnecessary expenses.

That’s where Citrix comes in. Optimise your virtual desktop environment with the range of benefits Citrix delivers in conjunction with AVD.

Centralise and streamline management

If your business uses AVD natively, you can only manage resources in the Azure cloud; AVD is not optimised for on-prem resource access or management. With Citrix AVD, you have hybrid cloud support to manage both on-prem and cloud deployments centrally, from one location. Not only does Citrix AVD offer users a more unified experience, but it also increases the scalability of native Azure Virtual Desktop in the long run.

Optimise and streamline performance

CVAD streamlines the deployment and application lifecycle maintenance of Azure Virtual Desktop, enhancing the efficiency of your business. Citrix’s HDX technology also optimises the user experience on any connection or device, across virtual desktops and applications. Citrix AVD optimises communication tools such as Microsoft Teams, ensuring high-quality, accurate voice and video on any device.

Deliver secure experiences

Citrix Azure Virtual Desktop enhances the existing security capabilities of AVD with advanced monitoring features, policies and data security controls. The policy engine in the Citrix console proactively adapts to new access conditions, while continuous monitoring and real-time analytics help you to avoid threats. These features simplify the compliance process, providing peace of mind for your business.

Lower infrastructure costs

Citrix AVD helps you to maximise your existing Virtual Desktop investment, while modernising the cloud environment. If you are using Microsoft 365 E3 or better, you can reduce your infrastructure costs by taking advantage of your existing Windows license. With AVD, you have to pay for the resources that power your estate, even when you are not actively using them. Citrix offers enhanced management tools, including performance optimisations and auto-scaling that tackle this issue, ensuring that you only ever pay for what you actually use.

AVD on Citrix

Implementing Citrix Azure Virtual Desktop in your business will enhance your existing infrastructure, optimise operations and lower costs. If you are searching for a flexible, do-it-all solution, then look no further.


Creating a hybrid environment with Citrix AVD helps you to maintain greater control of your data, both onsite and in the Cloud, so you can meet regulatory compliance.

Utilise existing hardware investments

If you have already invested in high-value hardware, you can use Citrix Remote PC Access to optimise your existing hardware investment, and AVD for a scalable cloud VDI.

Lower costs

 Citrix AVD reduces the cost and time spent on maintaining distributed desktops and migrating to new operating systems by letting you roll out your new OS centrally via desktop virtualisation.

Support legacy applications and infrastructure

Migrating completely to the Cloud could result in sunk costs due to abandoned legacy infrastructure and applications. With Citrix AVD, you can run your legacy systems through Citrix while saving money with AVD.

Improved scalability

Citrix AVD enhances your scalability. With Autocale, you can automatically manage Azure workloads, enhance the user experience and manage costs.

Enhance remote work

Citrix AVD allows your team to access their corporate desktops on any device of their choosing, from any location with an internet connection. In the era of remote work, this flexibility is a major asset for your business.

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Why BrightCloud?

BrightCloud have been hosting cloud services and providing innovative technology solutions since 2000. We are one of the original inventors of cloud hosted applications and take pride in delivering premium services that deliver performance improvements, productivity boosts and cost-savings. Our experience with cloud and virtualisation technologies makes us the perfect partner to deliver Citrix AVD.

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