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ICCM Solutions: First Class Application Hosting

Executive Summary

ICCM Solutions needed to outsource the hosting of an application delivered over its Assure application delivery platform for the first time. Their new client was a large telecommunications provider, meaning there was no margin for trial and error.

BrightCloud was invited to tender for the project and outperformed Amazon and Azure on all three vital selection criteria; service, performance and price.

We needed to be confident that we were recommending the best hosting option to our customer and we were very impressed by the SQL server performance achieved by BrightCloud.

BrightCloud beat Azure and Amazon as a hosting partner on the three vital selection criteria; service, performance and price, so really, it was an easy decision to make in the end. Moving forward, BrightCloud has proven to be a great supplier to work with as the team is proactive, professional and helpful.

Jason Gardiner, Technical Director, ICCM Solutions

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ICCM Solutions (now OpenText) is an independent software vendor providing ITIL aligned IT management services, help desk applications and BPM tools to major customer facing organisations around the world.



ICCM’s core objective is to provide revolutionary software and superior services to organisations aspiring to Best Practice Service Management. Being mission critical, it is vital that these applications are always available to users. The only way to do this is to store them in and power them from the highest performing, most resilient hosting environment there is.

BrightCloud was initially brought in by ICCM to host its IT Service Management application for a new customer, a major mobile telecoms provider. This customer required an ITIL aligned service desk application. Normally an ICCM solution is deployed to several hundred users and managed by ICCM. However this new customer had thousands of users and three support companies collaborating to provide the IT management and helpdesk support to and from multiple locations – a significant hosting challenge.

This was not a simple project in terms of scope or expectation. Thousands of engineers are now reliant on the availability of ICCM’s mission critical IT Service Management application. They need access from any site, in any country, around the clock. There’s no option for error, failure or downtime.

Duncan Little, Managing Director, BrightCloud

The Solution

This was the first time that ICCM had needed to outsource the hosting of an application delivered over its Assure application delivery platform. Not only was this a new approach, the new  customer was extremely high profile and there was no margin for trial and error.

BrightCloud was one of a number of cloud based, pay-as-you-go private and public hosting partners invited to tender for the project. The list included the high profile Amazon and Azure hosting services. However the BrightCloud team was not daunted, but instead buoyed by its 10 year reputation for delivering highly resilient and secure hosting services to banks, retailers, local government and NHS departments, amongst other customer facing organisations.

This experience was quickly recognised by ICCM and their customer during the successful deployment of a test and demonstration environment. The test environment included a comprehensive performance monitoring package, providing the end customer with the visibility to see the performance they would receive from a live system and what would happen if capacity was expanded. Both ICCM and their customer were impressed, confident that the hosting platform would enable the IT teams to meet all service SLAs and that the resilience of the hosting environment would ensure that all compliance requirements would be met.

The BrightCloud team’s credentials and the demonstration of their strategic application hosting partner abilities during the trial set BrightCloud apart from Azure and Amazon. Coupled with our customer focus and the outstanding performance of the hosted SQL servers, BrightCloud was awarded the contract.

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