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Big Health CIO debate: “Can Informaticians Also Lead?”

November 3rd, 2014 by BrightCloud

EHI Live ThumbDigitisation and paperless have been identified as essential to NHS modernisation, but how is best placed to lead the digital transformation of the NHS?

The Health CIO Network Conference at EHI Live will this year include what promises to be a lively and closely argued debate on the motion.


Speaking in favour of the motion will be:

Speaking against the motion will be:

N3 Connective Healthcare N3 specialists from BrightCloud will be listening with intent and keen to hear their verdict on the debate and this essential issue of our time. Feel free to stop any of us if you’re interested in finding how BrightCloud services are integral to the effectiveness of hundreds of NHS and healthcare organisations including and those responsible for highly sensitive data and nanosecond financial transaction.

Tried and tested widely, BrightCloud has met all compliance and governance stipulations that it has been audited under. Our BrightCloud is connected to the N3 secure broadband national network for the NHS. This demonstrates the strength of the BrightCloud proposition and our team’s commitment to ensuring the highest levels of data security for this sector.



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