Unlock Azure Virtual Desktop cost savings with BrightCloud

Don't pay over the odds for Azure consumption - see how much we can save on your AVD costs.

Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) provides the familiarity and compatibility of Windows 10 with the new scalable multi-session experience for your end users. Even better, there are no additional license costs—Azure Virtual Desktop can be used with your existing eligible Microsoft 365 or Windows per-user license.

Unfortunately you pay for the resources needed to power your AVD estate (compute, storage and networking) even when it’s not actively being used. This means that if you just leave it running it consumes resources 24/7, and you get lumped with a bigger bill than necessary.

Improving the way your AVD deployment is managed can lead to big savings, but the native management tools are poor to non-existent.

Selecting BrightCloud as your Microsoft 365 partner gives you access to a whole host of clever management tools which will maximize user density, improve session performance, and ultimately dramatically reduce your costs and improve the user experience.

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